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Exclusive Tiles supplies the Biggest Range Of Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles, Claddings, Mosaics and Bathroomware for a Wide Variety Of Platforms at the Highest Level of Quality & Affordability.

Boasting a Massive Range of Modern Trendy Tiles for Any Interior and Exterior, Residential or Commercial platforms at the best prices. We are affiliated with renowned, world class suppliers which manufacture nothing but the best Quality Tiles leaving us with the Responsibility of handing to you nothing but the absolute best prices. Our product ranges include Porcelain, Ceramic Tiles & Cladding & Mosaics.

Available also is our range of Natural Stone Tile collection (Slate, Marble, Travertine & Sandstone) Cladding and Mosaics.

Exclusive Tiles offers an inspirational environment, filled with new and stimulating ideas. You’ll find yourself at home and in the capable hands of well-trained and motivated staff who are more than willing to go the extra mile for You.